Introducing InZone

In 2003, Inzone began touring New Zealand with [inzone].

The spectacular [inzone] roadshow combined the arts, multi-media presentations and a raft of inspirational key-note speakers into a unique and dynamic visual experience.

[inzone] challenged students to dream and above all else, to have the courage to live their dreams.

The theme behind [inzone] was simple:

‘Plug-in and have a go and you will always get something out of it.’

From the [inzone] roadshow...

Each day [inzone] moved to a new school where a team of dedicated and passionate staff assembled and presented [inzone].

Up to three thousand students interacted with [inzone] daily and the roadshow was viewed by over 250,000 people!

From 2005 [inzone] honed its focus into career opportunities for students.

Surveying [inzone] audiences each day unearthed some alarming trends. On average, less than 1% of any audience had an ambition to be an entrepreneur, with around a quarter of any audience having a clear idea of what career they would like.

It was clear to us that something needed to be done to address this trend within schools.

...To the Careers Coach

In 2006 Inzone commissioned a unique vehicle design encapsulating all of our school roadshow experience.

Our proprietary Mobile Careers Coach is a world-first, state-of-the-art mobile careers expo.

Over 40,000 students participate in the Careers Coach across 200 New Zealand schools every tour.

Inside the Careers Coach, students have the opportunity to watch Inzone documentaries showcasing industries, educational institutions, and entrepreneurial New Zealanders.

...and now the Careers Kiosk

Inzone’s high-tech Career Kiosks have an interactive touch screen which enables students to easily watch videos on a wide variety of careers.

After viewing videos of their choice, the user can decide if they would like to receive further information on that career.

An automated text message function is also available, which promptly responds to an information request with further information and website links.

The kiosk provides inspirational material for all ages with the opportunity to make informed and practical decisions on their career options.


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